British meat

I really don’t want to start my blog off with a rant, but I have a feeling it cannot be avoided. I often get slagged off at work for so-called ‘British bashing’. Don’t get me wrong, I love living here, but I also love to whinge (something I feel I have picked up from the poms).

And whinge I will because last night I bought steak from Sainsburys. The packet informed me that the expiry date for the meat was the 7th of December, in five day’s time. I took it home to make Irish stew, only to discover when I opened the container that the meat was brown. What is with that? Surely, if it still had nearly a week left before its used by date, why was it already going off?

This never happened to me before in Australia, whereas it is happening almost weekly over here. Can someone explain to me why Australian meat is so much fresher? I thought England had cows too, right?


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3 Responses to “British meat”

  1. cjrutter Says:

    Um – Carmen, although I probably would say I’m a regular meat-buyer – I wouldn’t say I’m an expert. But, I would always check where your meat orginated from.

    I would also – if I had the time and energy – take the meat back to the store if I was unhappy with it. You know – for their future reference (us ‘Poms’ don’t mind complaining – even if it means queues!)

    Perhaps the meat has less preservatives so may brown quicker? or…it’s been exposed to air for a considerable amount of time. Who knows!? Check with the store. I would.

  2. Kim Fisher Says:

    Carmen hello! Meat can go brown if it’s not dyed with artificial colouring. Eg mince is naturally a horrible grey/brown/green colour but they dye it pink to make it look better. Most stores here do it, maybe not so much in UK? Hope you’re well….

  3. carmentheaussie Says:

    Wow! I didn’t know that about the meat. So does that mean that the UK meat might actually be better because it has less colours and preservatives in it? Gee, didn’t think the meat was actually better. Thanks for solving the mystery! 🙂

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