Christmas is a time… for love?

Last night my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said I’d like jewellery. He replied with, “But you got jewellery last year,” to which I said, “One can never have too many jewels.”

He then told me that he had a better idea for a Christmas present for me…wait for it… a Japanese kitchen knife. Yes, that’s right. He said this knife was so special that it was made from a Samurai sword and coated in a special type of metal so that it would not wear. Each year, if I had this special knife, I could send it off to the factory where it would be sharpened on a diamond blade.

Not the exact form of diamonds I was hoping to receive during the Christmas season. Fortunately though, he told me that it costs £200 – too much for a Chrissie present. Phew.


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One Response to “Christmas is a time… for love?”

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