Christmas in the sun? That’s (apparently) just not Christmas!

Ah, Christmas time. I do love the festive season. I enjoy shopping, spending time with my family, cooking, hosting parties and giving gifts – so what’s not to love? (Actually, perhaps Christmas carols…we’ve got them on repeat in the office and they’re doing my head in!)

This year will be very different from last year’s Christmas, as I’ll be spending it on the opposite side of the world in cold and gloomy England. Last year I spent Christmas day on the beach.

This is something that my fellow colleagues can’t get their heads around. They think it’s hilarious that us Australians sing Christmas carols about a ‘winter wonderland’ and spray fake snow onto our Christmas trees. One work mate said she couldn’t ever imagine spending a Christmas in the sunshine – she said it wouldn’t feel like Christmas to her!

I’ve had all types of Christmas days in the past. I’ve spent two in the UK, when the weather was cold and grey, many in Perth, Western Australia, where the temperature often reaches 40 degrees, and one in the French Alps where it snowed all day. I have to admit that the Christmases I enjoy the most are the ones where I can lay by the pool or on the beach with a cocktail in my hand.

It may not be traditional to some, but for me it’s very relaxing – and I feel that’s what Christmas is all about. I’ll really miss the sunshine this year. How do you like to spend your Christmas?


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