The festive season is upon us!

I’m really starting to look forward to the festive season. I have so much planned I pretty much don’t have a spare day in the one and a half weeks I have off work!

What makes it even more exciting is that the festive season will be in London, which means more things to do and see than the small city that I come from, back in Australia.

Some of our plans involve going to Winter Wonderland – a festival in Hyde Park full of German markets, rides, Christmas lights and ice-skating – as well as some going to a huge IMAX Theatre to see the new Avatar movie. Also want to try and go to a pantomime show as well during my time off…something that is particularly English!


The weather is really starting to have a festive feel about it – watching the snow fall and being careful not to slip on the white frost everywhere. My traditional live Christmas tree doesn’t look out of place for once, now that it’s decorated in an English terrace house!

I’ve got all my Christmas shopping out the way and spent some of the weekend making Christmas decorations to put up and on the table for when my family comes around for a Christmas meal. All the presents are wrapped and sitting under the tree… my biggest worry is that the tree won’t make it to Christmas because the heating is drying it out!

What are you doing for Christmas?


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