Why does the snow turn London to slush?

I have a question for the British public – why does London come to a standstill every time it snows? It’s crazy, at the first sign of a snowflake, traffic grounds to a halt and businesses cease to function.

Yesterday it snowed a little in the afternoon. I’m not talking a snow storm; it was more like slushy streets and snow-scattered footpaths. Nonetheless, I spent an hour waiting for my bus. It didn’t arrive. I then went to the train station but my train was cancelled. I finally managed to catch one awhile later, only to get out at the other end and have to wait nearly an hour (in the freezing cold) for another bus.

As a result, my normally 40 minute trip home from work took more than four hours. When I arrived I was shivering from head-to-toe and my legs had turned blue. Flights were cancelled around London, there were major traffic jams and most trains and buses didn’t arrive at their destinations.


How come in a country that should be accustomed to snow fall, does chaos wreck havoc whenever the powdery stuff lands? It doesn’t happen in Canada unless it’s three metres deeps, not three inches!

Nonetheless, I managed to get a colleague to snap this photo of me in the snow. (Mind you, I look happy because I was oblivious to the trouble I would have getting home!)


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