The worries of living in a big city

Since I started living in London I’ve had to worry about certain things that never even crossed my mind when I lived in Perth, Australia. Living in a big city you have to think about your safety and be on alert all the time, otherwise you could be mugged, robbed, raped and so on.

I don’t live in the most salubrious of neighbourhoods and just a few months ago a man was murdered at the end of my street in front of his granddaughter. He was in his sixties and the attack was apparently racially motivated. He was Muslim and was coming out of a mosque when he was set upon by a gang of youths, the youngest only 12.

So of course, these thoughts cross my mind when I’m walking around the streets near my house and I always have my keys in hand to use as a knuckleduster if I was ever to be attacked. I don’t walk around on my own at night, whereas in Australia I used to walk around where I lived in the dark and not worry at all. (I also used to leave the house without locking the door – those days are long gone.)

It’s annoying not feeling safe where you live, but the truth is that if I were to move to a wealthier London neighbourhood, I’d probably just have as much of a chance getting mugged there. Some of my friends take more precautions than myself – one girlfriend removes all her jewellery and stashes it in her handbag before leaving for a night out. I can’t be bothered, but perhaps I should make more of an effort?

Two nights ago my friends and I went to a nearby pub for dinner and drinks. We were sitting at a table near the door and one of my friends got up to go to the bathroom and another went out the front to have a cigarette. When they were gone, two men came into the pub and stole my friend’s handbag from underneath our noses.

My mate came back from the toilet to discover her handbag gone, even though there were seven of us sitting at the table at the time. She lost her iPod, phone, bank cards and some cash. The thieves were so sneaky that we didn’t notice a thing.

In the future I think I’ll be keeping my handbag on my lap when I go to the pub, which is annoying but one of the precautions I guess you have to take when living in a big city.

Have you ever been robbed? What precautions do you take? And do you feel safe where you live?


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2 Responses to “The worries of living in a big city”

  1. Normal In London Says:

    I feel totally safe where I live – always walk around by myself late at night/early in the morning – really never worried about anything. Had my handbag stolen in a nightclub once about 15 years ago, but I’d left it in a corner, and was right over the other side of the club with my friends, rather drunk, so was asking for it really!

    when I used to live more rurally, THAT was when I was more worried about wandering around by myself at night – if I heard footsteps behind me, I’d get very flustered, and yet try not to show it! Confident walking is the key!

  2. carmentheaussie Says:

    That’s good that you feel so safe in London. I agree that confident walking is the key. I’m sure if you walk with your head high and quickly someone is less likely to attack you than if you are shuffling along. Thanks for your reply 🙂

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