Depressed? It could be the weather!

People often talk about Australians being a happy bunch who find it easy to relax. On the other hand, others often say that the Brits are a crowd of complaining sods who are uptight and never happy.

I have discovered why. It’s the weather! I truly believe that the small amount of sunshine in the UK is to blame. There’s even a name for a disorder for people suffering from depression because of the lack of sunlight – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Symptoms of the disorder include body aches and pains; changes in energy levels, sleeping patterns and appetite; avoidance of social situations; weight gain; irritability; inability to complete tasks; decreased creativity; and suicidal thoughts.

It seems that low Vitamin B intake can have mental implications. I used to think that so many Brits went to the tanning salon for vanity reasons but perhaps the sun bed is used to make them feel happier too.

In my experience, in the summertime Poms are much happier. They just about skip down the road, say hello to you in the street and the parks of full of people picnicking. When the sun is shining, the British are smiling.

While researching this disorder I found a reason as to why people seem to put on weight during winter. Apparently a lack of vitamin B creates a craving for sugary and starchy foods. Interesting.

It is estimated that in the USA, 25 per cent of the population suffers from winter blues, but only five per cent suffers from SAD. January and February are the worst months for suffers, which I can understand. Christmas has gone and the cold weather seems to be stretching on forever.

So the next time someone says the British are a depressing bunch, remember that it may not be their fault!


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