Australia Day in London… not so Australian

What are us Londoners to do on Australia Day this year? Firstly, we won’t have a public holiday so we can either bunk off work or party on afterwards, however either option is not as satisfying as the real deal.

Skipping work may be easy though – my colleagues didn’t even know there was such a thing as Australia Day when I mentioned it. And they call us ignorant. (Although, now that I’ve mentioned it, it may not be as easy to ‘chuck a sickie’!)

Thankfully there are a lot of Australian ex-pats in London so I won’t have to resort to partying by myself. One pub I was in last week had its Australia Day celebrations publicised along with the caption ‘Triple J’s Best One Hundred playing all day.’ Obviously an Aussie didn’t write that.

One of my friends suggested that she’d have a ‘summer’ party at her house and that we could all walk around in our bathers with the heating cranked, pretending that it was 40 degrees. Amusing as that sounds, I don’t think any invites have gone out so we won’t be doing that.

We’ll probably just end up having drinks after work. It’s my other half’s birthday on that day, so we’ll have more than one thing to celebrate (he’s a true blue Aussie).
Although whatever we do, I know it won’t be as good as whatever people back home are doing. They’ll probably be at the beach sunning themselves or sitting on the foreshore with the radio turned up full ball. Thinking about it almost makes me want to crack a Fosters. Almost.


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