London, the already expensive city, increases its prices

One of the reasons why I don’t like the beginning of the New Year is that businesses choose this time to hike up their prices. It was revealed yesterday that the average UK salary didn’t rise last year, for the first time in a long time.

I have to argue that if the salaries didn’t go up, why should things become more expensive? I suppose it’s due to inflation, but with this recession that we’ve been having, it seems a bit tough.

I’ve already been stung twice by the price hikes. Firstly, during the first week of the New Year I went to board a bus and my pass was declined. I apparently didn’t have enough money on it. I was puzzled, as I knew I had what I thought was the right amount on the card earlier that morning.

Turns out that I was wrong and that the fare price had risen. I’d read about it somewhere, but just forgotten. Thanks Boris Johnson for that.

Then this morning I went to the newsagent to buy The Times and was shocked to realise that the price of the paper had gone up to £1. I only had 95p on me. I had to ask the newsagent if he’d lend me 5p and promised to pay him back tomorrow. How embarrassing!

I’m not too great with maths, but I calculate that the newspaper’s price has gone up 10 per cent. That’s quite a rise when you consider less people are buying the paper and more are reading their news online. Hopefully the price hike won’t deter Times fans, but who knows? It probably won’t put me off, but it is still an annoyance.

Gone are the times when The Times cost the equivalent of 1p.


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