Australians move to the UK because they’re unsettled in Oz

A new report has been published revealing that many Australians move to the UK because they have a ‘deeply-felt existential need’ for adventure and are in search of self-understanding and career growth.

I must admit that for me, the main reason for moving to England was to have a bit of an adventure. I also had these grand plans to improve on my career, but that hasn’t really happened exactly as I imagined, so I’m just living for the adventure at the moment.

The report said that expats move to the other side of the world because they don’t feel truly settled at home in Australia and for me this was also true. I felt that there was more to see than little-old-Perth and to be honest, I had felt that for a long time.

I got the travel bug at a young age. I think I probably caught it when I was 9 and my parents took me on an African adventure around Zimbabwe. We drove around in a ute (with me squeezed between them) and camped in safari parks. I saw Victoria Falls, so many wild animals and heard hyenas laughing at night. It was the best adventure and probably not one I’ll ever get to do again (well, not in Zimbabwe anyway).

I also think that I moved to the UK because I’m always up for a challenge and I definitely fulfilled that need by the move. Arriving in the middle of the recession, homeless, poor and jobless gave me a nasty shock but thankfully things have improved. If anything, facing the challenge has given me more confidence in myself and taught me that I can tackle difficulties head-on.

Uprooting myself created a desire to challenge myself further, which I think can only be a good thing because that’s the way you learn. It’s also the way you grow. If you do the same things day in and day out, what difference is that going to make to you as a person? You’ll still be the exact same person doing the exact same things in a year from now.

Moving out of home certainly gives you confidence, but moving to the other side of the world gives you wings.


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