What’s a popular job in the UK?

News out this week is that social work managers from North Somerset in the UK are travelling to Australia to recruit experienced childcare staff and social workers because of a shortage in England.

I find it ironic that the Poms have flown to Australia to recruit childcare staff because I thought that Australia itself had a shortage. Perhaps I am wrong. I had a friend who previously worked in childcare and she was paid an appalling wage so perhaps they don’t have a shortage if they can afford to pay them so terribly.

In the past I know that Australian cops have flown across the world to recruit police from the UK. It’s got me wondering – are certain professions more popular than in other parts of the world?

For me, I would rather be a policewoman in Australia than in the UK as there’s less knife crime and at least you can walk around on the beat in the sunshine. But there seems to be a shortage and certainly in my old job in Australia I had a lot of dealings with the police and they all seemed to be British.

I know that if you’re a hairdresser and you try to get a visa for Australia you’re more likely to be successful than someone with a particular university degree that Australia doesn’t want. Such as my degree – journalism is not a profession with a shortage; in fact I think there’s a waiting list!

In my case, journalists are often paid a pathetic wage, especially if they are starting out. Some don’t even get paid for what they write, instead they’re expected to feel ‘privileged’ that their stories are being published. I’m not sure if they understand that we need money to feed ourselves.

Perhaps I should have chosen a career as a teacher or a nurse. At least then I would have found it easier to get employment when I first arrived in London.


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