Do you think Australia should become a republic and change its flag?

Happy Australia Day everyone. I’m feeling a bit un-Australian this morning as I woke up to a grey sky and stepped outside where it was about 5 degrees. Not exactly the normal 35 degrees I’m used to experiencing on an Australia Day.

I’ve come to work where I’ve been reduced to looking online to check how the Triple JJJ’s Hottest 100 is progressing. I share a small office with my boss and he finds listening to music distracting so we have to work in silence. There’s no sound card on my computer so I can’t even plug in some headphones.

As Australians back home wave their flag proudly, I have started to wonder whether this time next year we might be waving a different flag. It has been in the news lately that many Australians want to change the flag so that the Union Jack doesn’t feature on it. Personally, I don’t believe that this will happen until Australia becomes a republic.

I don’t think that Australia will become a republic until the Queen dies. Unless Prince William was the heir, I don’t believe that many Aussies want to see Prince Charles take the throne. He’s neither inspiring nor youthful. Prince William, on the other hand, has won fans after his recent trip to Oz. The men thought he was a top bloke after he shot that rifle and women got so excited they almost threw their panties at him.

Celebrities such as Ray Martin have been pushing for a flag redesign because they believe that the current flag is ‘colonial’ and that it’s time to embrace other elements to our nation, such as the Aboriginal people. The federal government has promised that it will hold another referendum on becoming a republic if it is re-elected.

I’m all for a flag change. I would like Australia to become a republic as well. I don’t feel Australia is particularly a British nation anymore and in fact we seem to be doing a lot better off than the UK. We have fully recovered from the recession, our politicians aren’t as corrupt and our bankers aren’t a pathetic greedy bunch.

We’re an independent and successful nation and I think our flag should reflect this.

What do you think?


4 Responses to “Do you think Australia should become a republic and change its flag?”

  1. Luke Says:

    Hi Carmen…. You can thank your sexy Australia shaped Australian flag popping up in Google images for this comment!

    Having done a bunch of travelling since 07, I couldn’t disagree more! I’ve come to learn that we’re the most brittish country outside the United Kingdom. I’m Aussie, born and raised, but travelling to the UK in 07 was like returning home. All the landmarks were familiar, the language was identical, we drive on the correct side of the road, we have the same self depricating sense of humour. Travel to Canada (Also a british colony) and you’re hard pressed to find any similarities to Britain. In canada you buy “Lumber” in “Feet and Inches”, fruit and veg in pounds, and paint in gallons. Crumpets are a rare find… You get the idea

    For sure, there’s a lot of shame in Australia’s British history, and a lot of ongoing hurt in the form of losing native culture, introduced species, alien farming practises and extinction of native species. But there’re 2 parts to the link between British heritage and Australia’s plight. 1: Our country would be facing the same issues regardless of who settled here. Australia is suffering from “progress”, not “the british”. And 2: Britain (I would say more than Australia) is very retrospective right now, and to watch British TV/Doco’s, there’s a great movement to exposing the crimes of the past and how they are perpetrated into the present. Australia’s day of “Sorry” was a good start I think… and there needs to be more talk about this so that the public can own up to bad history. No… it wasn’t me.. it wasn’t my Dad, and it wasn’t my Grandfather. But Yes, it’s my culture, and even though what was done was natural for my culture, it doesn’t make it right and it doesn’t mean we can’t be better as human beings today and into the future.

    I fear that renouncing Britain would be a false sense of blame. “It’s not our fault… it’s THEIR fault… and see… we don’t associate with them anymore! Problem solved!”. When that’s not the case obviously, and I genuinely think that Britain in the new millenium is doing a much better job at righting old wrongs than we are. We have a LONG way to go, and to be honest, I don’t even think we’re heading in the right direction. In my opinion, we should be asking ourselves, “What would the Bush Tucker Man do?”. There seems to me to be very very few people who actually know what they’re talking about, and we’re missing the likes of Major Hiddens and his research/experience dearly. (Too many of us living in urban areas bitching about the price of fuel and bananas… that’s a long way from being Australian in my book)

    Personally I think we can change the flag. I think it needs to honour the ‘Country’ first, and to me, the Aboriginal people are every bit a part of the country that we’re raping (Ironically I include “Aboriginal people” in the ‘we’ that’s doing the raping… but what choice do ‘we’ give ourselves?). But I would in no way renounce our ancestry, because England and Ireland are still 90% of what makes us who we are, and denying that would be denying ourselves of a lot more good than evil, and we’d be poorer for it.

    (Sorry for the blast from the past, hope it’s interesting to you as much as your post was to me)

  2. Daniel Byrne Says:

    When we Brits look at Australia, we see prosperity, well being and progress, and that makes me happy.
    About becoming a republic, I think it is your issue only.
    The Queen mentioned a couple of years ago whatever Australians want, they should do, and the people are not stopping The Australian nation from becoming a republic.
    Whatever suits really as we are not living in 18th century anymore.


    • carmentheaussie Says:

      I think that with the newly-announced engagement it will spark more of an interest in the monarchy and perhaps Australia won’t want to become a republic anymore. Although if Prince Charles was to become king they probably would. I saw polls over the weekend that the UK want Prince William as their next king rather than Charles and I believe Australians like William a lot more than Charles too!

      • Daniel Byrne Says:

        That’s correct Carmen, but at the end of the day, Australia can and will become a republic. After all, that’s what freedom and democracy is all about. Becoming a republic does not mean that we should completely forget about our shared past or hate each other,,,
        There is mostly rain and wet climate in the UK, but we have survived for thousands of years here,,, that means moving on and looking into future,,

        I hope my comments are not bothering you,,, No offense,,,
        Regards, Daniel,,,

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