Don’t take something that’s not rightfully yours

As millions of Brits cheered for Andy Murray yesterday while watching the tennis, I felt like reminding them that he’s not British. He’s actually from Scotland.

I never met a Scotsman who enjoyed being called British and while I’m sure Murray appreciated the support, the Brits should probably stop trying to claim him as their own. I keep reading news reports that say “Murray failed to end the British tennis drought in Australia.” These journos need to get their facts straight – even if Murray had of won, the British drought would have continued as he’s Scottish. (The last British man to win a grand slam title was in 1936.)

This isn’t the first time that other nations have claimed foreigners as their own. Last year at the Australian music awards, the ARIAs, Ladyhawke picked up two prizes for Breakthrough Artist and Best Single, even though she’s actually from New Zealand.

Aussies like to steal the Kiwis when it’s something to do with fame. The rest of the time we pretend to hate the New Zealanders and make jokes about them shagging sheep, but as soon as any of them achieve something, all of a sudden they’re Australian.

Take Russell Crowe for example. Sure, he lived in Australia from the age of four, but he was born in the land of the Kiwis. Doesn’t this make him a New Zealander? And what about Crowded House? Two of their members are from New Zealand and in references are even made about their homeland in their music, yet the Aussies have claimed them too.

So this isn’t the first time someone from another land has been claimed by a bigger nation. Although now that Murray has lost, perhaps the British will be quick to say he’s Scottish again?


5 Responses to “Don’t take something that’s not rightfully yours”

  1. sophie knowles Says:

    It is a marriage of convenience… BUT Scotland is an integral part of Great Britain- To call him English would be inaccurate

    • carmentheaussie Says:

      I STAND CORRECTED! Obviously I’m the journo who needs to do my research. Great Britain includes Scotland, which I did actually know but obviously was getting confused with England. D’oh! I’ll leave my blog post though, because it’s funny!

  2. Brooke Says:

    I thought Britain included Scotland, Wales and England? If so then it’s fine to call him British.

  3. Brooke Says:

    True about the New Zealanders, though. Russell Crowe’s an Aussie when he wins an Oscar and an Enzedder when he chucks a phone.

  4. cjrutter Says:

    hahaha – he IS British. Lol. He comes from Great Britain. He is listed as coming from the UK, as in the United Kingdom. People won’t ever claim him as English – the miserable git.

    Also – here in the UK, not many people are that fussed about the gma of tennis (obvs because we’re not that great in it)…so when you say millions in the UK, you probably mean thousands, because I can almost safely say more people were probably watching the Arsenal vs Man Utd clash than they were the tennis final. Sad but very true.


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