Why can’t footballers keep it in their pants?

 So… England footballer John Terry has been sacked after he allegedly had an affair on his wife. It has now also

John Terry with wife Toni Poole

 emerged that he paid off four mistresses to shut them up about his infidelities as well.

None of these allegations have been proved, as his mistresses are keeping tight-lipped (whether they’ve been paid to or not), yet the public is having a hard time believing it is true. A number of sports stars have done it in the past. Just look at the recent Tiger Woods’ scandal. 

In Australia, AFL players have also had their fair share of affairs. Who can forget the Wayne Carey affair in 2002? He slept with his mate and fellow team mate’s wife in a toilet at a party and someone took photos of it. Classy.

So should these men have to face repercussions at work because of what they do off the field? Terry has lost his captaincy, Woods lost many advertising contracts and Carey had to flee to Las Vegas to get away from it all when he was ousted. (Why he chose Las Vegas is beyond me – isn’t that where all the drug-taking, gambling and prostitution takes place?) 

 Do you think they should be held accountable for it in the workplace? I think they should, mainly because they’re in the public eye. Terry is a role model for many young men and if he didn’t suffer the consequences it is almost as though telling these boys that mistreating women is ok. 

For far too long, sportsmen have got away for their misbehaviour, mainly because they feel they are above the law. The drug-taking culture within the AFL is proof of this – where else in your line of work do you have to be caught taking drugs three times before you’re fired? For us mere mortals it only has to happen once. 

So good, I’m glad Terry’s ego has taken a beating. Perhaps he’ll think twice before he seduces another woman next time. All it does is show that sportsmen are the same the world over. You couldn’t pay me to be a footballer’s wife!


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3 Responses to “Why can’t footballers keep it in their pants?”

  1. cjrutter Says:

    oooh Carmen Carmen Carmen…..

    Innocent until proven guilty! The fact that these lads are constantly set up for a fall is not taken into consideration here. I’m sure Terry’s ego has taken a beating – but, what happens if this all turns out to be wild accusations drummed up by some ol’ washed up model/has-been, who’s not only lashing out at her ex – but reviving her career?

    It’s fair to say that these boys, while most of them I’m sure aren’t innocent – some are part of a lever to boost many-a-girl’s career. They’re set up with insinuations leaked to reporters who will run with whatever crap has been spouted for the Sunday tabloids.

    I agree that sports heroes etc. are role models – not just to young men, but boys/girls and their actions represent the nation. But, innocent until proven guilty firstly and surely we need to remember that everyone’s human – and have faults? I doubt there are many people out there who can say they haven’t made a mistake. Didn’t Bill Clinton keep his presidency?

    It’s up to the media to report on fact – and therefore, I think it’s their responsibilty too, if they just choose to write salacious headlines just to sell papers. They’re the ones glamourising infidelity too (to impressionable ppl) – as they’re selling it to the public whether it’s true or not.

    • carmentheaussie Says:

      Hmmm, yes I agree. I think it’s just the fact that his wife has up and left him and is demanding a divorce which makes me think that perhaps it’s true. But yes, innocent until proven guilty. We’ll soon see whether he is or not!

  2. cjrutter Says:

    His wife leaving to go to Dubai – I tell you what, seeing the horrid tabloids over here everyday and the pests aka paps…it’s probably best she is out of the country for a while! Imagine all the ‘friends’ trying to come out of the woodwork nowadays trying to get close to sell a quote or two….

    I feel v. sorry for her


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