Spit? Can’t you just swallow it?!

Why do people in England have a horrible habit of spitting wherever they go?

This morning I was waiting at the bus stop and this well-dressed lady in high heels and a suit came and stood next to me. Next thing I knew, she’d tilted her head to the side and spat and big glob of spit on the ground. Not so lady like any more.

Is it because it’s colder here and everyone has phlegm? Or do people lack hygiene? Or perhaps in Australia we’ve been taught not to litter and somehow we associate spitting with littering? Who knows? All I know is that it’s quite disgusting.

I still remember when I was about six or seven and my mum took me to the park. A teenage girl arrived and was spitting here, there and everywhere – all over the play equipment. My mum gave her a sharp talking to. My mum probably would’ve had a fit if she spent a day catching the bus with me in London.

Each day I venture out on to the footpath I have to manoeuvre myself around the giant gobs of spit that lay splattered like dog shit all around me. And my boyfriend isn’t exempt from the spitting horrors either.

Last weekend when we went for a run he managed to slag on the ground between breaths. If I hadn’t of been so out of breath I would’ve had some strong words with him. But I was having enough trouble gasping for breath to start lecturing too.

Can someone explain to me why this foul habit is so popular over here? I  think perhaps England should have the same laws as Singapore – a £200 fine for the dirty habit.


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2 Responses to “Spit? Can’t you just swallow it?!”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    I can not believe a woman spat! I have never seen that, I may not be the most ladylike of women but that is just below the belt. Unfortunately I have come across many men who do it in public. They swiftly receive a venemous look from me. Worst experience was a man who spat and it actually landed on my shoe! He certianly got more than just a venemous look from me, he looked so scared of my telling off I like to think he’ll think again and choose to swallow next time!

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