Pauline Hanson…good riddance!

So Pauline Hanson has left Australia. This is news that many Aussies will delight in, but for those of us living in the UK – where she is headed – it’s not such good news.

Hanson is known for her racist politics and was the former leader of the One Nation political party, campaigning against immigration. The party had beliefs similar to those of the British National Party, whose leader, Nick Griffin, has been outspoken in the past about ridding Britain of its ‘ethnic’ population.

Hanson said she is leaving Australia because she feels that it is no longer the land of opportunity. I am stumped as to what she means by this, especially seeing as though Australia, especially Western Australia, is still booming, whereas UK is in the midst of one of the biggest recessions it has ever seen. But then again, Hanson, who once said Australia was in danger of becoming ‘swamped’ by Asians, has never struck me as the smartest person. (Before she was a politician she left school at 15 and worked in a fish and chip shop.)

I’m not sure how well Hanson is going to fit in over here. To me, the UK is more multi-cultural than Australia, mainly because their immigration laws are a lot less strict. No doubt, Hanson will quickly become chums with Griffin and it’ll be interesting to see whether she joins the BNP. Perhaps it will cheer Griffin up. He’s not been having a good time lately, after the courts ruled he has to change his rules and allow people who aren’t white to join his party. Not that I can see any black people joining the BNP any time soon!

Hanson has said that she doesn’t plan to return to Australia, but us Brits don’t want her either. In fact, I can’t think of a nation that does…One Nation? Perhaps she should create her own, just for her…somewhere out in the middle of the ocean.


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