Why are live music venues suffering? Do we not want gigs anymore?

The Half Moon pub in Putney, London

Last night I went to a gig at the Half Moon pub in Putney. It’s a really good venue for live music, especially unsigned bands and it gives them a chance to get a bit of exposure.

My friend who’s visiting wanted to go see a live gig because when she visited me in Perth (she’s from Poland) I took her to a lot of gigs. I do miss going to gigs in Perth but I’ve been a bit lazy over here and haven’t really bothered to scope out the scene.

Someone told me the Half Moon was good, so we went along and I was pretty impressed. It reminded me of a venue from home and the music was good too.

Although Perth, Western Australia, has a tiny population, the music scene is really good. We’ve had loads of musos from Perth who have been recognised for their music – Empire of the Sun, AC/DC, Eskimo Joe and Pendulum to name a few.

However, in recent years, live music venues, especially those that feature bands that play original music, have been suffering. Just recently the Hyde Park venue in Perth closed (can someone confirm that it’s closed to live music for good) and over in London the Half Moon was saved from closure just months ago.

I think in both instances people wanted to buy the businesses and turn them into gastro pubs. How bloody boring, there’s one of those on nearly every corner already. In the case of the Half Moon, bands such as U2, The Rolling Stones and Kasabian have played there (albeit when they were lesser known) and it is a great launching pad for new  bands.

So what I want to know is – are people less keen to see live music than they were 20 years ago? Is the band scene dying? Why are these venues suffering so much? Are we losing our originality and would we rather just dance to a DJ and ‘doof doof’ music than see some talent?

I would’ve thought that for many bands, London would be a great place to try and break into the scene. But if there aren’t any venues willing to give you a chance, what hope do you have?


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One Response to “Why are live music venues suffering? Do we not want gigs anymore?”

  1. tracy Says:

    It’s all about the mighty $$$$$$ Carmen!! It goes no further!!!
    It is a huge shame, but that is it.
    And yes, the Hydey is shut down for live music.

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