My housemates are driving me mad!

I'd rather live in the Big Brother house than with my housemates - at least we'd be allowed to have fun!

My boyfriend and I went and looked at a new place to move to last night. It’s in Putney, which is a much nicer area than we’re currently living in and it’s not too much more rent to pay a week.

The reason for the move is not because we don’t like our current house – because we really do – it’s because we can’t stand our housemates.

I must admit that living in London is the first time I’ve ever lived out of home (except for when I did a student exchange for a year) so I’m was a bit of a virgin when it came to living with new people. However, my boyfriend has lived in a lot of share houses and he’s adamant that this is the first time he’s had a problem with his roomies.

Basically the main issue is – they’re no fun. My partner and I like to socialise and we go out a lot. Equally though, we also have people around for dinner parties or to watch the odd DVD. It all came to a head last weekend when we had two of our friends around for dinner.

It was a Saturday night and our friends stayed till 1am. Our housemates came back at 12:15am. We shut the living room door and were as quiet as possible for the 45 minutes until our friends left. But low and behold, the next morning we are summoned for a ‘talk’.

“Guys, we’d like to speak to you, can you please come and sit down so your backs are not to us,” my housemate said as we were cooking breakfast on Sunday morning.

“Look, you have people over too often,” she said. My boyfriend “Well, maybe we’ve had a bit more recently because we had someone visiting from overseas, but normally we have the same amount as you.” Housemate – “Well, perhaps we can draw up a calendar to see who has more.”

What the hell? Let’s make a list of who has the most friends while we’re at it. Shoot me – we have friends visit us once a week. “And 1am is too late to have people over, if you have friends over past 12am, can you please go down the road to the pub.” Hmm, ok, so we agreed on that one.

But honestly, it was a Saturday night. It’s not as though they had to go to work the next day. Maybe I’m being too harsh – someone let me know! This isn’t the first time something like this has gone down though. Once we had a friend come stay and when they showered they used our housemate’s shampoo because they thought it was ours, and moved it to another spot in the shower.

The next night we got a knock on our door and it was our housemate asking if we were stealing their stuff. Ever since then they lock their bedroom door every time they leave the house, as if we’re going to raid their room the moment they leave. It’s not a nice feeling to live with someone who doesn’t trust you an inch, especially when you haven’t done anything wrong!

So fingers crossed we get this new place. Otherwise we might have to buy some slippers and cardigans and resort to being grandparents with no lives like our housemates. Honestly, my parents were a lot more fun to live with.


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