Aussie flights are so damn expensive

What is it with domestic flights within Australia? Is it just me or have they risen drastically in price over the past few years?

I don’t know if it’s because of lack of competition or something similar, but it seems to cost you a fortune now days if you want to travel to a neighbouring city.

I have to fly to my friend’s wedding in August and I was hoping to fly from Perth to Brisbane. Yesterday, an email promotion on flights came through my inbox so I though, yes, this is the time to book it.

Guess how much is was? $279 EACH way… what the?! So for both my boyfriend and I to fly to the wedding it is going to cost us over $1000 return. That’s the same price as a one way ticket to the other side of the world! It seems ridiculous to me.

At this rate I’m considering driving to Brisbane, even though it’d probably take me more than a week and I don’t even own a car at the moment.

I really think a new airline needs to launch itself in Australia. (No pun intended). Then perhaps we can fly cheaper… it seems especially important in a country that’s so large that flying is pretty much your only option for getting around.

Those airlines must be making a killing and laughing at us while they do so. What do you think?


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