Housemates from hell are making me anxious!

It is so awkward in my house at the moment. After our housemates gave us a ‘talking to’ last weekend they have been ignoring us like the plague!

Last night Dave was out at work and I was in the house on my own. I didn’t see my housemates once, even though I know they were there. They would only come out of their room when I wasn’t in the common areas.

I haven’t spoken to my female housemate since we got told off. The only communication we’ve had with her is when she wrote on the kitchen’s blackboard: “Thanks for turning the heating down last night!!!!” Nice sarcasm.
Basically she is so thin she looks as though she might snap in half at any moment and because of this she has to have the heating cranked every night. Our room is much smaller than theirs so it really heats up and we have to sleep with the window wide open as a result. Great for the environment. So when I turned the heating down, the blackboard note is what I received in return.

Thankfully we are looking at another place tomorrow night. It’s sharing with just one guy, who said he’s searching for fun-loving house mates. Living with someone fun might be a shock to the system now after living with granny and grandpa for a year!

Can’t wait to get out of the house, almost couldn’t sleep last night because I was feeling angry about the whole situation! Housemates from hell – has anyone ever lived with worse?

The new place we're going to look at tomorrow


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