Things will happen if you work hard enough!

After months of hard work, my boyfriend has landed his dream job. I’m so happy for him, he really deserves it and it just goes to show that perseverance pays off!

He’s had a lot of disappointments over the past year, just as I have, as we’ve tried repeatedly to crack into the London journalism world in the UK.

It didn’t help that we arrived in the middle of the recession after 1,000 people had been laid off at the BBC and 500 local newspapers had shut down. This limited our chances, considering my partner worked for the ABC in Australia and I worked for a local paper!

It was a hard slog and whilst trying to make money we did any job we could to pay the bills. I was even a shoe shiner at one point! No joke! To think I’d gone from reporting on bankers to shining their shoes… it was demoralising to say the least. Now I can laugh about it but at the time I was seriously considering giving up and flying back to Australia and to safety.

I’m so glad I didn’t because getting through those tough times has made me feel as though I can do anything these days. My boyfriend did so many internships over the past year at so many organisations – Sky, ITV, Channel Four – and it was always the same story. They said he was perfect for the job, it’s just that there was no work going.

Finally he’s got a job in an organisation that he really enjoys and is back to working in the media. He’s loving it and he deserves it more than anyone. Now I just have to crack a job I love and we’ll be here for the long haul.

I won’t give up though – this past year has taught me that if you want something badly enough and work hard enough to get it it’ll come your way. I think it’s also important to push your boundaries and try new things.  If I had of gone home when things got tough, where would I be now? Back to where I started, doing the same old things in boring ol’ Perth… yawn.


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2 Responses to “Things will happen if you work hard enough!”

  1. Robert Says:

    Is it necessary to constantly rubbish Perth in every blog post you make? Gets tiring pretty quickly.

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