My boyfriend has a bizarre hobby… but it might make us rich!

My boyfriend has a strange hobby. He likes to collect pennies. Obviously it is a hobby that he can only indulge in whilst he is living in the UK – Australia got rid of its one and two cent coins years ago.

Personally, I think pennies are a pain in the butt. What can you actually buy for one pence? Nothing it seems, these days. And when you go to the shops and buy something and it’s 99p, what’s the point? I suppose shops use it to make you feel something costs £2 rather than £3 when it’s priced at £2.99. Clever people will simply round the number up though.

So far my boyfriend has collected over £10 worth of one and two pence coins. It has turned into a rather embarrassing habit at times, when we’re walking along the street, holding hands, and all of a sudden he’s pulling you down towards the ground with him because he’s spotted a filthy one pence coin on the pavement.

However, he’s very proud of his penny collection and gets excited when I come home and have a purse full of them. It sounds as though I am describing a five-year-old but in fact my boyfriend is 28. I suppose there could be worse hobbies such as gambling or porn so I guess I’m lucky.

He says that people are just throwing money away and that he’s going to save up as much money as he can before we go back to Australia. Then he’s going to cash it in and buy us a nice bottle of champagne. Hmmm, can’t complain about that!


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4 Responses to “My boyfriend has a bizarre hobby… but it might make us rich!”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    This is a very common British hobby! I’ve been doing it since I was at school, what else can you do with those pesky pennies but turn them into pounds!

  2. pennyfinders Says:

    I have been finding pennies for 448 Consecutive Days.
    I pick up the coins – often at people’s feet, and share my story with them. They always smile. So far hundreds of Penny Smiles have been generated. Now other people are also Penny Finding. It’s a way for the Penny Angels to generate Joy.

  3. Alex Gibbons Says:

    Hey Carmen, don’t knock it. A couple of years ago I took my penny stash to one of the machines in Tesco that count the change and give you cash. There was quite a lot and even with their 7% fee I still came out with £50. lol

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