UK women out there: Ugg Boots are actually slippers

No, this is not attractive

What is it with the UK’s obsession with Ugg Boots?

I know I should probably be proud that an item of Australian clothing has turned into such a popular fashion accessory over here, but I still cringe every time I see a woman walking down the street in this furry friend.

A mate of mine strolled past the Ugg Boot store in central London the other day and there was a long line coming out of the shop and continuing down the street. She snapped a photo of it and posted it online with the appropriate caption of ‘WTF?!’ I’d have to agree with her. Never in my life have I felt the urge to queue for such a ‘fashion’ piece. Obviously, this mate was an Aussie.

The other day I was shocked when my colleague, and friend, turned up for work in Ugg Boots. To use a British term, she looked a bit ‘chavy’. (Sorry! I know you’ll probably read this!) But for me, I do not picture Ugg Boots as an appropriate item of clothing to sport to work.

In fact, like many Australians, I do not think it is appropriate to wear a sheep slipper on your foot outside of the home. I remember feeling like a right bum any time I used to wear the shoe across the road to the shops when I lived in Oz.

So why is the item so popular over here? Well, as I’ve been told, and as I know, they are very comfortable shoes. But for me, walking around naked is comfortable but I don’t do that outside of the home. The Ugg Boot has also been seen on celebrities such as Katie Price, and this seems to have launched the obsession. Why anyone would want to look like Katie Price, I don’t know!

Sure, the shoe might be comfortable and might be a fashion piece, but is it really practical? Has anyone realized how much it rains in England? Combine an Ugg Boot with a muddy puddle and you get a wet and stinky mess. Gross.

So British women out there, please heed this piece of advice: unless you want to continue to look like a drongo, stop wearing Ugg Boots outside of the house. If you think this is how we do it in Australia, you’d be wrong. Instead, where them as slippers in the home, where no one can see you.


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7 Responses to “UK women out there: Ugg Boots are actually slippers”

  1. Claire Says:

    hahahah what a load of rubbish – I’m the ‘friend’ who came into work wearing them…lol

    Anyway – Carmen as you know, I wouldn’t wear Uggs to a normal workplace but, if you remember we working a grotty office in Croydon and I’ll be damned if I’m wearing a suit and kitten heels for Patrick.

    Most people know they’re intended to be worn as slippers – and as you can see by the popularity – we don’t care. All we’re worried about is the comfort…

    and as for chavvy at £170 a pop – there not exactly affordable for most chavs….

    BTW – no one in the UK knows what a drongo is…


    • carmentheaussie Says:

      haha. No. I don’t think Katie Price is hot. Maybe if she didn’t wear so much make up and wear ugg boots in public – then I might think she’s ok. But she’s a bit too slutty for my liking.

      Chavvy doesn’t have a price tag – just look at Ed Hardy! His stuff is so expensive and so chavvy! (Same goes with Playboy…)

      And by the way, no one pays £170 for a pair of Uggs in Oz.

      And I wanted to educate you, hence the drongo

  2. Claire Says:

    also – i think Katie Price is a hotty – don’t you!?

  3. Charlotte Says:

    “Has anyone realized how much it rains in England? Combine an Ugg Boot with a muddy puddle and you get a wet and stinky mess. Gross.”

    I wore my Uggs to the 02 festival in Leeds where it rained all day therefore very muddy…shock horror my Uggs were the only item of my clothing to actually come out in one piece. So not only are they comfortable but practical too!
    Also by using Katie Price as the only celeb mentioning in this is totally angling your article to your biased chavvy idea and completely ignoring celeb style icons who also wear them – Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba & Emma Watson just to name a few, hardly chavvy really!

    • carmentheaussie Says:

      Haha I obviously touched a nerve there. Obviously I knew you’d comment like this because
      a. You’re British; and
      b. You like to wear your Uggs outside of the house.

      By the way, all those celebs you mentioned – none of them were Australian. You won’t catch an Aussie in their slippers outside!

  4. Charlotte Says:

    Because it’s too hot in Australia for Uggs! Why did any of the celebs wearing Uggs need to be Australian for the shoes to be deemed acceptable? My point was that non-chavvy celebs wear them too in a style that’s considered fashionable and practical. I think you need to be properly introduced to slippers btw, you know the ott fluffy kind with no base to the bottom of them that can’t pick up dirt because of the fact they have no grip. Lots of opposite traits to Uggs there!

  5. Dave Says:

    Hmmm, interesting argument. Here’s my 2 cents, or pennies (which I found)
    Uggs are slippers. They were invented by Aussie sheep farmers to do something about the cold at night (it does get freaking cold in the bush at night) and use up all the excess bits of bad fleece they couldn’t sell.
    For years they were a staple of the Oz equivelant of Chavs, the Bogan, along with Fosters Beer.
    A bright spark among us thought both of these could be sold in the UK, though who could forsee the outcome?
    All the poms drinking beer we wouldn’t touch with anothers mouth and wearing slippers made from crap bits of old wool as high fashion…I just think it’s funny.
    Cool, go on wearing them, enjoy! maybe in a few years we will sell you some Kangaroo poo as a face moisturiser!
    “Oh yeh, Everyone in Australia loves it”…(muffled sniggering)

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