Do you think voting should be compulsory?

How's this for some voting propaganda!

Do you think compulsory voting should be allowed? With the UK election looming, many people are talking about how important it is to cast a vote. Being a UK citizen, I feel that I might even vote in my first ever British election, but I am enjoying the fact that it is not compulsory for me to do so.

Australia is only one of 19 countries that enforce compulsory voting. Other countries include South American countries such as Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, as well as other nations such as Singapore and Turkey. But do you think this is right?

UK politicians have complained in the past about the declining number of voters, even though the population is growing. Other politicians think that voters should have to pass a test before they are allowed to vote. A university professor, Gordon Graham, has said that people should be educated if they want to cast a ‘proper’ vote.

But who says the people will make the right choice in electing a party? Hitler was voted in by the public and look where that got them.

Personally, I don’t think people should be forced to vote. It can hardly be called a democracy when you are forced into making a decision. Of course, people will say that you can always donkey vote but I’m sure there are a lot of Aussies who don’t know anything about politics and who just tick any box.

I want to vote in the British election because I feel strongly about a certain party, but the word is out that with the way things are going there might be a hung parliament anyway.

I look forward to seeing how things turn out!


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One Response to “Do you think voting should be compulsory?”

  1. Dude Says:

    Voting isn’t compulsory in Australia – but turning up at a polling station and getting ticked off the list is.

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