Kangaroo cruelty by Tourism Australia

Australia has the most bizarre ways of advertising itself. Well, I should say Tourism Australia does. First it was ‘Where the bloody hell are ya’ campaign that shot Lara Bingle to fame and now they have pulled an even stranger stunt – they have locked up a kangaroo in a cage on a busy street in Los Angeles, in an attempt to lure people to our land.

One Australian was so shocked at the display that she filmed it and posted it on YouTube. It’s had loads of hits and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has condemned the campaign, saying that we Aussies are very attached to our kangaroos, seeing as one graces our coat of arms and that a lot of us grew up watching Skippy on the TV.

I have to agree with Ruddy (for once). It seems like a disgusting act of cruelty all in the name of advertising. However, Tourism Australia has said that it’s not cruel as the kangaroo is being looked after by a professional trainer and that it was being treated well, only having to be locked up for four hours at a time.

Four hours to me still seems like four hours to long. This is a wild animal we are talking about, not a hamster. Tourism Australia’s managing director, Andrew McEvoy has said that America Humane – the US equivalent of the RSPCA in Oz – has seen the video and said that the kanga isn’t in distress. I’ll let you have a look and decide…


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2 Responses to “Kangaroo cruelty by Tourism Australia”

  1. Kate Says:

    OMG – that is animal cruelty right there…. 😦

  2. More Australian animal cruelty in America « Carmen the Aussie's Blog Says:

    […] Australian animal cruelty in America By carmentheaussie A couple of days ago I wrote about Tourism Australia keeping a kangaroo in inhumane conditions, all in the name of advertising our land down under. Now it has emerged that Americans are keeping […]

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