What makes Australia such a good brand?

Are we Aussies such wonderful people that companies use our country to market themselves as a top brand? Just think of Fosters and the ad ‘get some Australian in ya.’ Obviously ‘getting some Australian in ya’ must be appealing to some people as this beer brand chooses to market themselves as an Aussie brand. Not that anyone in Australia actually drinks the stuff!

There are other brands such as Australian Bodycare that uses our nation’s name in their title, which must be because many people have positive connotations when they think of Oz. I certainly can’t help but  wonder what people would think if there was a beer slogan such as ‘get some British in ya’. Although, brands such as MaxFactor do pride themselves on their British heritage, so perhaps it does work.

Among Australia’s top brands are Billabong and Ugg – both names which evoke Australian thoughts. Billabong is, of course, the name for an Aussie swamp and Ugg boots were first worn by Aussie sheep farmers in the 1920s and then surfers in the 60s and 70s. Even the Qantas logo has a picture of a kangaroo on it.

So what makes Australia so appealing? Maybe it’s because when I think of home I dream of the beach, sunshine and laid back people. Why do you think?


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One Response to “What makes Australia such a good brand?”

  1. Charlotte Says:

    Don’t forget Rimmel’s slogan – “Get the London look!”
    It’s true though, when you hear or see anything remotely Australian you automatically think of perpetual Summers and what’s more appealing than that??

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