Robin Williams calls us bogans and Ruddy hits back!

You're looking pretty bogan yourself there Robin!

Robin Williams has poked fun at Aussies on the Dave Letterman Show in the US, calling us ‘English rednecks’. Ruddy, the Aussie Prime Minister, took offence and hit back saying that perhaps Williams should go to Alabama and learn about rednecks before he calls us one.

Personally, I think his skit was funny – you can watch it below. Obviously he’s just taking the piss and it was meant in a light-hearted manner, not for people to get offended. His Aussie accent is pretty good too!

He calls us a pack of pommy bogans, but to be honest, poms are often bogan in the first place! Although I do remember when I first told my parents I was moving to the UK, my mum remarked, “Great! You’ll learn the true art of conversation!” Obviously she didn’t believe I could pick up ‘the art of conversation’ from good ol’ Perth from my mates whose speech involves a slang or shortened word in each sentence.

When I was a teenager, my parents were forever on my back, correcting my grammar and telling me to ‘speak properly’. They are from old Rhodesia, where people spoke ‘proper’ English – it was more posh than England most of the time, it seems!

I remember when my mum’s best friend met my boyfriend for the first time. She said he was the first Australian she’d met with proper manners!

So, is Robin Williams right? Are we just a bunch of bogans who can’t speak properly and run around with a ball in a g-string? Or should he have some more respect about for sunny nation?


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2 Responses to “Robin Williams calls us bogans and Ruddy hits back!”

  1. Greg Deane Says:

    Most people in most places are ordinary, obliviously discourteous, uninformed, and unconcerned about how ignorant they are. Last Sunday I saw a group of footballers on the ABC asked to name 5 Australian prime ministers. None of them could do it, though 1 made up 5 by referring to George Bush. But I doubt if many Americans could name 5 of their presidents, or many Britishers could name 5 Prime Ministers; or if many French, Germans or Italians could perform similar tasks.

    I used to be surprised by how little people cared about things outside their immediate space; but now I accept it as the norm. That sort of disinterest is how I would define a bogan, but it’s hardly a condition limited to Australia.

  2. brenton Says:

    wow, William’s remark was derogatory in everyway, although I think the general responce on the net by most Aussies was one of mirth, but redneck is certainly a derogatory term.
    what was worse though for Williams was that Darwin did visit Australia.

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