Kylie Minogue wins British power award

Go Kylie! The Aussie diva has just been voted the UK’s most powerful celebrity! Kylie Minogue beat David Beckham, Jamie Oliver and George Clooney in the poll, which was carried out by research group Millward Brown.

The decision was made after analysing each star’s brand, familiarity with the public and their overall popularity. Kylie beat Cheryl Cole, who came second and Beckham, who was placed third. Apparently Kylie took the crown because there is no ‘negative buzz’ surrounding her.

I think she’s worthy of it. I have to say, that with the recent split between Cheryl and Ashley Cole after his alleged cheating, and the fact that Beckham has cheated on Posh in the past, Kylie is a much better role model. Not that it was Cheryl’s fault, but she did stay with Ashley after the first allegations – making it seem as though it’s ok to stray.

Personally, I think it’s nice to have a career woman win the award. Not only is Kylie a successful pop artist, she is also a very successful business woman, with underwear and perfume lines.

“Choosing which celebrity to work with is a tricky business for brands,” Millward Brown’s Mark Husak said.

“And since millions of pounds are often invested in the association, getting it right is as critical for brands as it is for celebrities.”

At the bottom of the successful celeb list was Amy Winehouse, Katie Price and Paris Hilton – no surprises there!


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