Who should I vote for?

David Cameron

I enrolled to vote in my first UK election this morning. Even though I’m an Aussie, I was born in the UK and therefore am entitled to have my say.

The problem is I’m really not sure who I want to vote for! I don’t think I want to vote in Labour, because I don’t think Gordon Brown has done a particularly good job over the past three years. He wasn’t voted in anyway, so I’m not sure the people will vote for him either.

David Cameron of the Conservatives looks like a better option, although to be honest, his and Brown’s policies seem so similar it is confusing me! However, I like Cameron’s immigration policies – controlling the amount of people they let in to the UK – which is rather ironic seeing as I am an immigrant myself!

I just feel that the UK is over-populated and this is mainly down to the fact that they seem to let anyone in. Not only this, but once the immigrants are in, they often let them live off the state. As a taxpayer, I don’t feel this is particularly fair.

The other factor about the current immigration laws is that I feel it has allowed England, London especially, to lose a lot of its culture. Many immigrants do not embrace the British way of life and when I walk down my high street, it’s hard for me to hear English being spoken. I’m not against multiculturalism in any way, in fact I think it’s great, but I do believe that if you move to another country you should try to embrace its culture.

My boyfriend used to teach at a school over here, in a class of nine year olds. Many of them had been born in the UK, or had lived there since they were two years old, yet many of them could hardly speak English!

Many of my friends in Australia spoke a different language at home, but they could always speak perfect English. I put this down to the fact that they integrated into society and mixed with different people from other backgrounds other than their own. This is what I think true multiculturalism is – accepting other cultures, mixing with them and creating diversity.


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