American army kills journos in ‘game’ like fashion

I watched some disturbing footage last night of Reuters journalists in Iraq being killed by the American army, along with some innocent bystanders.

What I saw really disgusted me. The Americans gunned these people down – who weren’t carrying any weapons and unable to defend themselves – as if it was a joke and they were playing a video game.

The footage was leaked on the website, a human rights website that publishes information sent to them mainly from whistleblowers.

It’s scary to think that this thing could be happening all the time but we don’t know about it. Not only were two journos killed, but two children were seriously injured and it’s not certain whether they survived.

This isn’t the first instance I’ve hear of where journalists have been killed. In 2003, an Al Jazeera journalist was killed during an airstrike on the organisation’s offices in Iraq. The US denied the TV studios had been deliberately targeted, yet they had made it known beforehand that they were uncomfortable with Al Jazeera’s portrayal of the Iraq war.

In both of these two instances, the American army has not been held accountable. I think that is so wrong and horrible for the families of those killed. You can watch the video below, but I warn you – it’s not for the faint hearted! TV stations refused to show it all…


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