What Anzac Day means to me

War memorial in Leeds

So it was Anzac Day yesterday and I wasn’t feeling well so I missed out on the London celebrations, which was a bit of a bummer. When I told my boyfriend in the morning that I was too sick to go he mumbled that a stomach upset didn’t stop the diggers from fighting for us. Gosh, that made me feel guilty for a Sunday morning!

To me Anzac Day is a day of reflection and appreciation. I reflect on what it must’ve been like for those who fell in Gallipoli and appreciate that they fell for us in order to make our world a safer place. It also makes me think how lucky we are to grow up in a country where there is peace.

My parents grew up in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when it was peaceful and it was only when my dad was 18 that the Rhodesian Bush War (civil war) began. He was so young and yet all of a sudden he was fighting alongside his best mates, attempting to stop Mugabe coming to power.

As we all know now, Mugabe won that war and continues to rule Zim. It’s so sad and difficult to image a safe place such as Australia, and Rhodesia as it was then, being taken away from you. My parents left soon after the war and never came back. They were one of the lucky ones – I still have family living there.

I can’t imagine myself living in a war-torn place and I certainly can’t imagine my boyfriend going off to war. I know that he would if he had to and that was what it must’ve been like for my dad.

It’s such a brave thing to do. But I know that my dad doesn’t think of himself as brave – it was what he had to do and I know it’s something that will stay with him forever.

So on Anzac Day I think about all of these things and remind myself how lucky I am.


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One Response to “What Anzac Day means to me”

  1. Pat Aust Says:

    Good post! I feel the same way when I work with the kids at the shelter.
    My life is so different and I’m grateful for it every day of the week!

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