Troy Buswell you are a dirty, filthy man

Troy Buswell

Oh dear Troy Buswell. You really do put the UK politicians to shame!

This week the WA treasurer really reminded me of the UK MPs caught up in the expenses scandal. However, Buswell has trumped these pollies by not only using taxpayers’ money on items that are not work-related, but to pay for hotels he used to conduct his sexual affairs!

But why am I surprised? This is a man that is a sexist pig and in the past has sniffed chairs of female party members. He was crying in front of the media when this scandal came out and he was asked how it would affect his wife and children. Obviously he didn’t learn his lesson.

An honourable man (if you can call a lying, cheating bastard an honourable man) would’ve resigned as soon as this scandal came out. But not Buswell. Oh no, he has the balls to tell everyone that he won’t be standing down.

Thankfully Premier Colin Barnett forced his resignation… but now do you think Adele Carles, the Greens MP for Fremantle and Buswell’s mistress, should stand down too?

I don’t. See it’s bad to have an affair but it’s not really anyone else’s business. It only becomes the public’s business when you use taxpayers’ money to fund the sex fests. And as far as it has been proven, Carles didn’t use taxpayers’ money to fund her romps.

However, just like Bill Clinton, I’m sure she’s going to lose her political position. It just doesn’t look good to sleep around, especially when married. How long will it take for politicians to realise this? Probably forever.


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One Response to “Troy Buswell you are a dirty, filthy man”

  1. Patrica H. Aust Says:

    Don’t think he’s any worse than our American Senators and Reps, many of whom do all kinds of stupid things that hurt themselves and their families.
    Of course, they also vote themselves a free cadilac kind of medical care while refusing to sign up for the lesser care we are all supposed to be getting in the future. And they gave themselves 100% pensions for life, even if they’ve only served ONE term. Are Americans better, or what?
    Pat Aust

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