Gordon Brown proves he’s two-faced

Gordon Brown seems to have really done himself in today. He proved himself as a two-faced prat after he labelled a woman as a bigot when his microphone was still on.

After inquiring about her grandchildren and chatting to her about Australia in a friendly manner, he jumped into his chauffeur-driven car and started bitching as the car sped off.

In what was a lucky scoop for Sky News, Brown said to his companion in the car that it was ridiculous that the woman was chosen to ask him questions, that she was a ‘bigoted’ woman and that the event was a ‘disaster’.

The day was organised with the idea that Brown would speak one-to-one with people from the public, but that certainly backfired. Obviously he doesn’t enjoy mixing with us commoners as much as he pretends.

First Troy Buswell and now Gordan Brown. Are all politicians dimwits? I’m losing faith at this rate…

You can watch the video below.


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One Response to “Gordon Brown proves he’s two-faced”

  1. sophie Says:

    Busted! Hilarious! This ‘conversation’ is brilliant, it looks like she’s backing away from “Gordon” the whole time while he’s trying to get closer and closer. Then she takes a call oblivious to the fact she’s live on TV and tries to get away from the journos too.

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