Counting down the hours until election time!

Go DC!

As I write this there is no doubt that David Cameron, Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg are nervously counting down the hours until election time.

It has been a month of furious campaigning with a pinch of stupidity (Brown and his ‘bigoted women comments), only a dash of sleep (David Cameron pulling an all-nighter to campaign) and surprises (Clegg actually doing well in the first debate…pity it was downhill from then).

I have finally decided who I will vote for. It’s going to be the conservatives. I don’t love them, but then again I hate Labor, so I guess the Tories will do. As people head to the poll booths to put a cross next to Clegg’s name, I am guessing that some of them don’t understand that they may as well be voting for Labor. We all know that if Clegg comes out on top (which I doubt) he’s not going to be siding with Cameron in a hung-parliament situation.

My boyfriend is working a 13 hour news shift so I guess I will be one of the first people to know who wins. Looking forward to it. Although, I must admit I am rather over politics at the moment!

I was surprised to learn that this year was the first time the party leaders have participated in a live TV debate ahead of the election. It’s something that’s commonplace in Australia and although I’m not sure whether it helps us make better-informed decisions, it does provide some political entertainment for a few hours (if that’s what you can call entertainment).

Hopefully in the next election the TV broadcasters will introduce ‘the worm’ like they have in Oz. Might make things a little more interesting.

Fingers crossed that we have a good result this coming Friday – David Cameron – one of the youngest prime ministers Britain has ever seen!


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