Hung parliament – exactly what I feared

Who will be our next prime minister?

So it looks as if we are heading for a hung parliament. Sigh. This could mean that we won’t know who our prime minister is to be for another few days. In fact, if Brown takes his time to step down, it could take weeks!

The last thing that England needs is for the country to have an uncertain leader. Britain is already suffering from an unstable financial system thanks to the economic crisis and the collapse of many of its banks. We need someone strong who is going to drag us out of this economic woe and start to cut spending in order to release England from the chains of its debt.

It has been a tight race between Conservative and Labour, with the Tories currently on 290 seats and Labour at 247. Nick Clegg from the Lib Dems didn’t do as well as expected, winning only 51. There are still 30 or so seats to be counted, but even so there are not enough seats left for anyone to win a majority.

Gordon Brown has said that he will seek to have open coalition talks with the Lib Dems, but honestly, is he crazy? Those parties came second and third, it is unfair for them to believe that they could run the country together. This can’t happen though, because they don’t have enough seats either. It’s a gridlock where both sides don’t have enough to win. Interesting.

The last time there was a hung parliament was in 1974, when Ted Heath was forced to resign after failing to secure a coalition with the Liberal Democrats. We have to hope that Gordon Brown will also resign and that the Queen then invites David Cameron to form a government.

It’s in turmoil and it will be interesting to see how the next few days pan out!


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