UK to take on Australian-style voting system

Clegg chose Cameron over Brown in the end

So we have a new prime minister – David Cameron. It’s who I wanted so I’m pleased. However, I can’t say that I wanted the Liberal Democrats in power and I think it’s rather strange they won it as well, seeing as the party only received the third highest amount of votes. So they are to share the power with the Conservatives.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg have agreed to form a coalition government for the next five years. The Conservatives were only 20 seats short of forming a government on their own so Cameron must be a little pissed off that he has to share power with the enemy.

It was all smiles at the press conference yesterday however. And it seems the two men have more in common than previously thought. For starters, they’re both the same age (44), they have young children and both went to prestigious universities (Oxford and Cambridge).

One of the changes the two men have agreed on is to make changes to the voting system so that a hung parliament will be prevented in the future.

The changes include a new system of voting that is similar to the Australian way. Currently in the UK when you cast a vote you put a cross next to who you want to vote for. For the local members you can chose up to three people, putting crosses next to each of them. The new government wants this to change to the Australian style where you number your votes in order of preference.

It is hoped that this will put an end to hung parliaments in the future. Although there will probably be a referendum on the new voting style before any changes are made.

Only time will tell whether the Brits follow the Aussies’ lead yet again!


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