First non-drinking challenge…did I succeed?

A good acronym for last night... especially when it comes to facing the cold!

I did it! We went out for dinner last night with friends and while everyone was knocking back beer, wine and gin and tonics, I remained alcohol free!

Trust me, I was tempted. It sure didn’t help that I ordered the lamb cutlets which I kept thinking would go amazingly with a glass of red. Not only this, but my friends and partner kept shoving their drinks under my nose and saying, ‘just one, come on, it won’t hurt.’

But I remained stone cold sober. And felt proud of myself for doing so!

However, on the down side:

  1. Wearing a mini-dress out in the evening in London is not so much fun when you don’t have alcohol pumping through your veins to keep you warm.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, remaining sober didn’t save me any money. My non-alcoholic cocktail was 4 quid, whereas my friend’s gin and tonics were 5. Don’t see how that’s fair!
  3. I woke up feeling…terrible. I have a cold and perhaps some warm whiskey might’ve cured it last night, who knows? The fact is I didn’t wake up feeling as fresh-faced as I had anticipated.


Nonetheless, I plan to continue my non-drinking phase, at least until we go to Spain in two week’s time. There’s no way I can stay off the booze in Spain – we’re going to the Catalonia region where Cava comes from!


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