Good things come to those who wait

I’ve had a good week. On Monday I was offered a job as an editor at a business and finance magazine and with glee I accepted it.

After 18 months of living in the UK it finally feels as though my partner and I have finally cracked it and landed good jobs.

Everyone thought we were mad (even we thought we were a bit crazy) to leave perfectly good jobs in Australia at the end of 2008 and move to London. The UK was facing its biggest recession since World War II and there were about two million people out of work – a statistic that we joined.

I won’t lie because it hasn’t been easy getting where we stand today. I worked as a shoe shiner, in a greasy spoons restaurant and in a call centre before I finally got media work. A year and a half later I can look back on those times and laugh but when we were living through it, it wasn’t so great.

We very nearly ran out of money and even had to borrow $200 from my parents to pay the rent one week. I was ashamed to ask for the money because it seemed like admitting failure. But I had to swallow my pride or face being kicked out on the street!

It just goes to show that if you want something badly enough and work hard enough to get it, it will come your way! I’ve really learnt the virtue of patience over the past 18 months – something that I never had before.

Thank goodness things are finally looking up! It’s been a good week!


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One Response to “Good things come to those who wait”

  1. Ashlea Says:

    Congratulations Carmen,
    It’s certainly tough out there but you’re right: if you try hard enough you can excel.

    All the best with the new job!

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