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He proposed!

October 28, 2010

I haven’t blogged in absolutely ages. The main reason being because I started a new job and it’s taking up a lot of my time. But that’s a boring topic, so I’m not going to blog about that today!

An amazing thing happened since I last blogged… my boyfriend and I got engaged! He obviously learnt from the knife buying incident and decided to get me the best gift a girl could ask for on her two year anniversary – an engagement ring!

Although he had such a hard time on the night I’m surprised he bothered giving it to me at all.

Let me start at the beginning… we went out for dinner on the 2nd of July to this restaurant in London called ‘Dans le noir’. Basically it’s a restaurant that’s completely in the dark and your waiters are blind. For some bizarre reason we thought that the night might be romantic, but that was before my boyfriend stabbed himself in the eye with his cocktail straw (he couldn’t see it, obviously) and we were seated next to a couple of toffs who, when we asked where they went to uni, said the names of their colleges at Oxford. I had no idea where that uni that was, I said. “It’s Oxford darrrrrrling,” female toff drawled.

I quickly lost interest in their boring conversation after one remarked, “I haven’t been riding or shooting in absolutely ages, about a month!” To which my boyfriend replied, “I’ve never ridden a horse.” You could feel the silence.

Anyway, besides from the dull conversation, the experience of eating in the dark was quite strange. You couldn’t see anything at all, and I mean anything. Normally your eyes adjust to the dark after a certain amount of time, but not in this room. It was scary, but it did give me new-found respect for people with disabilities.

After we ate, we found out what we’d actually swallowed. My boyfriend had eaten zebra, kangaroo and other unusual meats… he thought they were all beef! It’s strange but you do seem to eat with your eyes, as well as other senses, and we both agreed that if we’d known what we were eating we would’ve appreciated it more.

As we left the restaurant, my boyfriend said he wanted to go for a walk, but I was wearing high heels and said I didn’t feel like it. He managed to persuade me, although I whinged all the way that we were going to miss the last tube home.

We got onto Millenium Bridge and the view was breathtaking. I’d never seen London from there at night. Finally I stopped complaining and said it was worth the walk. Before my boyfriend could get too comfortable though, I said, “After two years together are you still not a gentleman enough to give me your coat when I’m cold?”

Little did I know, the ring box was in his coat… so he took his jacket off, and as he did so he pulled out a ring box, saying ‘I just need to get this out first’.

I didn’t click straight away… but then he got down on one knee. Cue tears. And sobbing. He opened the box and I couldn’t hear anything he said, only that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. All I could say was ‘oh my god, oh my god,’ over and over. Tears poured down my face. I was so happy!

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a fan of gems. This instinct did not let me down that night. I’m afraid to say, I was like a magpie and didn’t even give him a chance to put the ring on my finger before I swooped down, picked it up and smacked it on in the wedding position.

All he could do was say, ‘is that a yes then?’ before I had a chance to squeal “YESSSS!!”

And that is the story of how we got engaged.

P.S. After all that, we still managed to catch the last tube home. Not that I could feel how sore my feet were and would’ve happily walked the 10ks required to get home.