Our wedding venue

The view from The Boatshed Restaurant

When planning a wedding there’s much to think about. I didn’t realise just how much until I got engaged. I went out and bought a large pile of bridal magazines and began to organise. Anyone who knows me will understand that I am a bit of an organisation freak so planning a wedding, I believed, would easily be my forte.

 To be honest though, I underestimated just how much planning was needed. All the magazines stated a timeline which you had to work from and it said you needed to start planning at least a year in advance. Some would say this is a headache but I am secretly excited about the thought of a year’s worth of planning.

When we went back to Perth for a two week break, we looked at countless venues – so many in fact that my fiancé became frustrated and told me that I was only to take him along if I was certain he’d like it.

In the end, I fell in love with The Boatshed. It’s absolutely stunning and suits us to a tee. It overlooks Perth and the foreshore and has the most stunning views both during the day and at night. The food is divine and the wine is good enough for my dad (the harshest wine critic there is).

We definitely wanted to get married near water because my man is a keen sailor and growing up in Perth we spent a lot of time next to the water.

One of the first dates we went on was when he took me sailing on his skipper’s yacht!

So the venue was great. Best of all, the owner was delightful and I have a feeling he’ll make our wedding a special night to remember. I can’t wait! Only 16 more months to go…

Friday 9th March 2012 is going to be the best day of my life!


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