The most important thing – the dress!

There’s one thing that matters for your wedding. Who cares about the ring, the bridesmaids or the flowers… everyone knows it’s ALL about the dress.

People are shocked to hear that I’ve already got my wedding gown. Bought 18 months in advance, it’s a bit of a risk, but to be honest fashion doesn’t really change much in the wedding world…and I was very keen on my outfit.

However it does mean I can’t put on any weight before the big day… so I have my measurements tucked in my purse just in case I forget that!

Of course, it’s a special moment buying the dress that your fiancé will see you in as you become his wife. And it’s important someone special is there when you buy it. That’s why I bought it when I went back home to Perth – because I wanted my mum to be there.

I’d tried on a couple of dresses in London before I left and burst into tears when I slipped the first one over my shoulders. The reality just dawned on me – I was going to be a bride! I got swept away and was adamant it was the dress I wanted.

In the end, the actual dress I got was 100 times prettier and I’m so glad I didn’t settle on the first one I tried on, simply because I was overcome with emotion!

When I went out trying dresses with my mum, I fell in love with a beautiful gown. It was stunning but something told me we should keep looking. It was lucky we did. As we pulled up at the next store I saw a dress in the window and I thought ‘I must try that one on’. So I did. And it took my breath away.

It’s true what they say – when you try on the dress you’re going to wear on your big day, you’ll know it straight away. And I did.

I walked around the store like a princess and had to laugh when my mum said ‘I knew you’d want something a bit more showy and glamorous’.

My mum knows me too well!

I want to look like a princess but not like this!


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