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Mum’s coming to visit – the best Christmas present ever!

December 22, 2010

My mum is coming to visit me in the UK for the first time, two days after Christmas. I am seriously excited about this. No longer will I have to show her jerky web cam images on Skype about what our house looks like – I can show her for real!

Alas my dad is not coming, which is why mum is not coming for Christmas day – she didn’t want to leave him all alone to have a very lonely Christmas!

I’ve planned an itinerary for when she arrives – we’re seeing Jersey Boys, going to a Michelin star restaurant and visiting Winter Wonderland and Spitalfields markets. I can’t wait.

My mum and I are really close so this is really going to be the icing on the cake for me this year.

If the snow delays her flight into Heathrow I’m going to be seriously annoyed!

Anyway… Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you enjoy this special time of the year with friends, family and much joy and laughter.
Much love,

Carmen the Aussie xoxoxx


Protected: 2010…The Year of the Petallan

December 21, 2010

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The snow makes London slushy… and sluggish

December 6, 2010

It snowed in London in November which is very unusual, apparently. What was unsurprising was that London went into complete chaos yet again and nobody could walk along a footpath let alone get to work.

View from my office.

There were 50 mile traffic jams (!) and all trains were cancelled. It took a colleague four hours to get in, only to find that most of the staff didn’t even bother because they knew they’d get into trouble with so much snow everywhere.

Struggling to work


I’ve been living in London for nearly two years now and the novelty of snow is starting to wear off a little. Especially when it turns to muddy slush or freezes over and I fall on my arse in front of a group of school children. (That happened).

I swear, only a couple of weeks back I was taking photos of the autumn leaves everywhere and then, it felt like a few days later, I couldn’t see our garden bench! That’s how much snow fell in the space of a few days.

Autumn leaves a few weeks ago.

There was an uproar in the press with people complaining about the UK not being able to handle a little snow fall and at work I spoke to people from other places in the world (Canada, Scandinavia) and certainly felt like we were the laughing stock!

Sigh. Although I’ll stop being such a pessimist – the snow does make it feel more Christmassy! No cocktails by the pool for Chrissy this year!

Christmas tree in Covent Garden