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Proud to be Aussie

January 15, 2011

A photo my friend Jerry took. Copyright Jerome Ahern.

This week has made me feel so proud to be Australian. While Queensland got destroyed by floods in scenes which resembled something from the movie 2012, my friends were networking on Facebook about getting together to help clean up their towns.

Other friends who weren’t in Queensland were doing their best to raise money for the towns that had been hit. The size of the disaster was huge – about as large as Germany and France combined. It’s hard to fathom.

My best friend lives in Queensland and my fiancé and I were over there in August for her wedding. Now I was seeing photos of the streets near her house completely submerged in water. It was frightening. I couldn’t get in touch with her for 24 hours and was worried. Luckily she was safe – her house didn’t have power but they had plenty of water and food.

People were dying and yet I saw no one crying on the news. Everyone was remaining positive. Stories of heroism brought me to tears, such as the tale of a young boy who was being swept away yet told rescuers to save his brother first. His bravery killed him. But he will forever remain a hero and his brother will never forget it.

Our country seems to bear the brunt of many natural disasters – fires, cyclones and of course, floods. Yet it doesn’t deter us. And even if we may have to face the weather beating up our country annually, I still no place I’d rather live.

What a country.