Brixton’s Duck Egg Cafe

When my parents lived in London back in the late 70s, early 80s, Brixton was a place to be avoided. It was rough and dangerous and the Brixton riots didn’t help it much.

A lot has changed since then and Brixton is now quite a creative area, with a good music scene and great bars and restaurants.

Recently, feeling very hung over following birthday celebrations, my friends and I went to The Duck Egg Cafe which is situated on Coldharbour Lane just off the high street.

Friends Corrin and Rosie tucking in

I first stumbled across The Duck Egg Cafe by accident. I was actually looking for Rosie’s Cafe, because a friend of mine had her cookbook, Spooning with Rosie, and she told me to check it out. Unfortunately mum and I couldn’t find it, so we ended up going to The Duck Egg Cafe instead.

A good choice.



All the produce is fresh and most of it is sourced locally, either from the Brixton markets or farms outside of London.

You can choose whether you’d like duck eggs or chicken eggs with your breakfast, but I would advise to go with the duck eggs. They are HUGE and the yolk is unlike that of a chicken egg, it is almost fluro yellow in colour.

The setting is like a posh greasy spoons and very small, with only about eight tables. You may have to wait for a table but it’s often not for long and you can get a coffee at the counter while you do. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

I ordered the breakfast with the smoked salmon and hash brown. Delicious. The coffee is very good too and they do freshly-squeezed juices – I highly recommend it!


One Response to “Brixton’s Duck Egg Cafe”

  1. the thinking man Says:

    Great blog and great cafe with superb food nd a wonderful vibe. Don’t tell too many people 🙂

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