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For Lizzie

May 14, 2012

Infectious smile, sparkling eyes

Making so many laugh, time after time

Witty humour, much to say

Who could imagine you’d be gone today

In one small second a life can change

I hope you didn’t feel any pain

Full of life and then it’s gone

Leaving so many behind to mourn

Because everyone loved you, that they did

You touched so many with the life you lived

Of you I never heard a bad word spoken

And now so many hearts are broken

Thinking about what you’ll miss

So many nights out, the boys to kiss

One day you would’ve walked down the aisle

And raised children who’d have had your smile

So as we live on but you’re gone

The guilt can make us feel so torn

But Lizzie would’ve wanted us to live

As she would’ve, with love to give

And not wanted us to waste a single day

To make the most of it in every way

And till that day we meet again

I hope you know we love you, friend


Murder? Or suicide?

June 3, 2010

I don’t really know what is going on at the moment. Our landlord’s girlfriend told our housemates that in fact our landlord had killed himself. She said that he gassed himself in his car.

But then I researched him online (trusty Google) and found and article saying that he was discovered dead in a man-hole on Friday. The police are stating that his death is ‘unexplained’.

It’s a bit of a worry, obviously we don’t want it to be murder. His ex-wife is apparently after the house we’re living in and our landlord’s girlfriend is worried about her safety. She seems to have changed the locks for her flat above us, which is a concern.

Our landlord’s girlfriend has said that we can stay until the end of the month, so hopefully we can find a nice place by then. (It should be possible).

My housemate is pretty stressed out. She said she can’t sleep properly because she’s worried someone is going to break into the house. I think that’s a little melodramatic but then my housemate does love drama. I just feel sorry for my landlord’s girlfriend.

She seems to be handling everything very well but she said she is having trouble grieving my landlord. I guess she is in shock.

Who knows what is going to happen?!