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Chez Bruce

February 5, 2011

London is often slated for its cuisine but over the past few years it has gained increased interest for unique dishes created by celebrity chefs.

Take Heston Blumenthal for instance. His show (Heston’s Feasts) is pretty out there but it’s amazing to see what kind of unique twist expert chefs can put on simple dishes.

We decided to venture out recently and experience some of the Michelin starred restaurants which the best London chefs work at. I do want to try Heston’s new restaurant, Dinner by Heston Blumenthal which has just opened and will feature dishes from centuries ago that have had an experienced a modern Blumenthal touch, but until we taste his delicacies we are satisfying ourselves with a few restaurants owned by Bruce Poole.

The first one we ventured to was Chez Bruce in Wandsworth Common. I went with my mum whilst she was visiting in London.


The menu is surprisingly well-priced, which is great. You pay about £30 a head for three courses, depending on what time of the week you go and for the food you get this is great value. The wine list is extremely extensive and a sommelier is on hand to help you pick what topple will go best with your meal.

For my starter, I had the fish cakes with poached egg. It melted in my mouth and was delicious.

Fish cake

Following this, I ate the braised pork and a bok choi inspired dish which came with a samosa. It was cooked to my tastes, although the meat was perhaps a tad on the fatty side.

Pork with bok choi

For my dessert I had a crème brulee which was one of the best I’ve ever tasted. I love crème brulees and this one was baked exactly how they should be – very thin yet large in size. It was as big as my hand! Divine.

Creme brulee - as big as my hand!

My fiancé had the frois gras with brioche, followed by the lamb and then the champagne jelly for dessert. He enjoyed the first two courses but was a little disappointed by the third as he said it was rather bland.

Fois gras


Champagne jelly


My mum had the risotto with truffles, the salmon and the chocolate cake. Her selection was great, especially the risotto which was lovely and rich and full of smouldering flavours that danced on the palette.



The service at the restaurant was good. I hate it when waiters come up to you 100 times, asking whether your meal is nice, whether you’re enjoying it and so on. I like to be left alone. At the same time, I like them to be attentive in friendly. When your glass needs topping up they should be able to spot it and fill it straight away before you even notice.

Chez Bruce’s service was precisely like this, which I commend them for. The decor however was rather bland and unexciting with strange pieces of abstract art dotted around the place.

The bill came to £200 but we had two bottles of wine between the three of us, which was a pinot noir from New Zealand that complemented a vast range of our dishes well.

Next time I will blog about Chez Bruce’s sister restaurant, The Glasshouse, which we also enjoyed recently.