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Murder? Or suicide?

June 3, 2010

I don’t really know what is going on at the moment. Our landlord’s girlfriend told our housemates that in fact our landlord had killed himself. She said that he gassed himself in his car.

But then I researched him online (trusty Google) and found and article saying that he was discovered dead in a man-hole on Friday. The police are stating that his death is ‘unexplained’.

It’s a bit of a worry, obviously we don’t want it to be murder. His ex-wife is apparently after the house we’re living in and our landlord’s girlfriend is worried about her safety. She seems to have changed the locks for her flat above us, which is a concern.

Our landlord’s girlfriend has said that we can stay until the end of the month, so hopefully we can find a nice place by then. (It should be possible).

My housemate is pretty stressed out. She said she can’t sleep properly because she’s worried someone is going to break into the house. I think that’s a little melodramatic but then my housemate does love drama. I just feel sorry for my landlord’s girlfriend.

She seems to be handling everything very well but she said she is having trouble grieving my landlord. I guess she is in shock.

Who knows what is going to happen?!


Alexander McQueen kills himself…why do so many people take their lives?

February 12, 2010

World renowned fashion designer Alexander McQueen died yesterday. Being in London, it was big news here and I’m sure it made bulletins around the world. He apparently hanged himself, which is very sad news.

McQueen had Twittered recently that he was struggling to get his life back on track after his mum died earlier this month. He was due to showcase his next collection at London Fashion Week in March and it is a mystery as to why a man so successful and loved would want to do this to himself.

In England it is okay to report on suicide, even if the person isn’t famous, as long as the journalist does not release specific details. For example, reporters are allowed to say that the deceased died from an overdose, but are not allowed to state what drugs were swallowed and in what quantities. This is meant to prevent copycats from carrying out the same act.

In Australia, the ethical laws surrounding suicide are taken one step further. Unless it is a prominent person who killed themselves, it is not allowed to be reported. However, if the suicide story was something unusual then it may be talked about in the media. Something ‘unusual’ includes double suicides or suicides that injure someone else in the process.

I think that in Australia suicide needs to be discussed more. I’m not sure if I’m a firm believer in copycat scenarios – if someone wants to kill themselves they’ll do it, no matter the circumstance. I believe that by not discussing suicide it allows many Australians to turn a blind eye to the problem.

In Australia, more people die from suicide than in car accidents. This is a shocking statistic, yet it is one that is known by few. Certainly, when I was growing up I knew more people who had killed themselves than who had died in a car accident. It was tragic.

Why is there such a problem with depression in Australia? I’m not sure. All I know is that more awareness needs to be created around the issue, so that solutions can be found for suicide prevention. What do you think?